Do you have questions about your sexual identity or coming out? Do you want to meet other people from the LGBTIQ+ community? Or are you looking for a LGBTIQ+ friendly general practitioner (GP) or health professional? We offer different ways to help you with those questions. We also help third parties such as parents, friends, employers who have questions about how to deal with the LGBTI + identities

About our consulting team 

Our team consists of dedicated and professionally recognised volunteers who offer psychological support for the LGBTIQ+ community.

How do we work?

Please tell us about your situation and question(s) by using the below form. After receiving this, we will contact you by phone. In this conversation, we will discuss your questions and if and how consulting from our side might be helpful. You can choose whether you prefer to speak to a man or a woman.

We can help you with recognising your sexual identity and speaking about it with the outside world (coming-out), but also with self-acceptance and expression. You can also reach out to us when you experience problems regarding your sexual identity with friends, family or your working environment. If needed, we will refer you to outside medical, psychosocial or legal counselors to further help or advise you. 

Suopport for third parties

We also offer support for family members, friends, school or work.

Get in touch 

We are glad to help. You can send a request for an introductory meeting by sending an e-mail or using below form.

We adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM regarding the corona virus.

Statements from clients

“Thanks to your advice, contact with our son has been restored. He now feels that we support him. Strangely enough it has also led to a better contact with my ex husband. “(Mother of a gay boy)

“Only now do I realize how stupid I have been to worry and sitting in my shell for so long. Our conversations gave me a lot more guts and now I accept myself. I also plan to sign up for the COC youth group. “(Someone aged 22)

“I was bogged down by the harassment at work, even with the police, but the conversations with you gave me a new perspective and the actions discussed have led to very satisfying results. I now work in a pleasant desk and I regret my old work situation. “(Agent of Moroccan descent)

“We had entered a maze after our son announced that he wanted to continue his life as a girl. First of all, you reassured us and drew up a plan of action together. That provides clarity and peace of mind “(parents of a child with a desire to transition.)

Wij gaan zeer discreet om met je persoonsgegevens. We protect your personal data.