Cocktail is a buddy project of COC Midden-Nederland for LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual and queer) asylum seekers and refugees. Every LGBTIQ refugee that needs some extra social support, can count on us. 

About Cocktail

People with a LGBTIQ background are often discriminated and threatened in large parts of the world. In some countries they might risk imprisonment or even the death sentence. Fleeing is often the only option. This means that they have to leave family and friends behind for an uncertain future in a strange country. In addition, the sexual orientation of LGBTIQ refugees is often not accepted or tolerated by their fellow newcomers, as was the case in their country of origin. This can lead to severe forms of intimidation, isolation, feelings of anxiety, depression or worse.

Cocktail wants to help reduce the isolation that LGBTIQ newcomers might feel in their community and introduce them into the Dutch society in a safe way. Next to that, Cocktail wants to help improve the social climate for/and the safety of LGBTIQ newcomers and migrants in the Netherlands.

Looking or a buddy?

Cocktail organizes buddy contacts between LGBTIQ newcomers and Cocktail volunteers. After an intake interview Cocktail tries to find a suitable buddy, considering both the language and wishes of the newcomer. Furthermore, volunteers receive an introduction talk to the project and are asked for their wishes regarding a buddy contact. If there is a ‘click’ between the buddy and the newcomer, they can decide on what to do together, how often and where they want to meet etc.

The activities above are accessible for people with disabilities.

Social activities

By organizing meetings and activities, such as movie nights, weekend trips, or game nights, Cocktail wants to create a social network where people can be themselves and feel accepted. It is our hope that this offers a safe and enjoyable way of integrating into the Dutch (LGBTIQ) society.

The activities above are accessible for people with disabilities.

What is Cocktail not meant for?

Cocktail is not a dating project. Moreover, Cocktail buddies don’t offer legal, medical, mental or financial help. If needed, members will be referred to professional organizations.

Contact us

Do you want to support Cocktail as a volunteer or do you have further suggestions and ideas? Let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

Do you know an LGBTIQ newcomer who might be interested in Cocktail, or are you an LGBTIQ newcomer yourself? Please also contact us by sending an email to [email protected]